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Welcome aboard the Westropa.

The Westropa is a spits, which is the collective term for a group of vessels with (largely) the same proportions. Their dimensions are tailored accurately to the locks and bridges of the Freycinet size (France), which are also referred to as Class-I-Waterways. These waterways are found in all Western European countries such as Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The multitude of kilometres and locks of this size lie in France. Therefore the Westropa mainly travels to and from there.

  • Length: 39 m
  • Width: 5.07 m
  • Height: 3.50 m
  • Max. draught: 2,42 m
  • Cargo capacity: 362 ton

Accessible area: nearly all waterways between the Baltic and North Sea as well the Mediterranean

Electricity: 380V (generators), 220V (generator or inverter) and 24 Volt power supply (batteries)

Main Engine: Gardner 8L3B 200; horsepower at 1000 rpm

Bow thruster: diesel electric 15KW

Captain and crew

Janarie and Henny Kranenburg are skipper’s children. In other words: both their parents were skippers. Sailing is in their very blood and soul. Janarie’s parents had the Westropa built in Moerbeke in Belgium at the Van-Garsse-shipyard. The ship has continually been modernised since launching. Equipment, ergonomics, comfort and environmental performance have vastly been upgraded over the years.

Training ship

The Westropa is an approved drill ship. To pave a future for the use of vessels like the Spits, Janarie and Henny regularly take an apprentice on board to help them get training experiences. Meanwhile some of them are already sailing with their own spits. During periods in which trainees are on board there is no space available for cruise guests.


The Westropa has a small guest cabin on the foredeck. There is space available for two guests (possibly four if the group knows each other well). This cabin was built in 2015, fitted in by a professional yacht and ship carpenter. The guest cabin boasts a double bed and its own bathroom with shower, sink and toilet. In both bathroom and bedroom 220V sockets are available for shaver, hairdryer, clock or radio. For larger and long-lasting power consumption one of the generators should be started. Since they are also located in the bow, their noise will be heard by the guests (49dB).

Generators will be run at least one hour a day for the preparation of hot meals as well as for the water heater in order to supply hot water for the shower. The refrigerator for food supplies during the trip is also in the bow section and can be used by the guests.

A strong diesel heater is available for keeping the cabin comfortably warm during cold days. There is no window in the bedroom section of the cabin, but two round skylights provide ample daylight. To ensure sufficient ventilation, two lockable ventilation shrouds have been installed. The upper part of the cabin boasts a window from where the banks can be viewed. However, the best outlook can be obtained from the wheelhouse right next to the captain or - weather permitting - while sitting outside on a comfortable lawn chair. There are two bicycles available for your use. You may also bring your own bike. (Note: Please procure a theft insurance for your bike, as bikes are very popular in France). In case of a longer stay on board both washing machine and dryer can be used without additional charges.

It is possible to either take a car or motorcycle on board. Please discuss the modalities with the skipper in advance as there are restrictions both in weight and height.

The hoisting of your car is at your own risk and you should discuss this with you insurance. (Hoist clause).


As the ship can obviously not be connected to the internet by fiber optic cable, unlimited download of movies etc is not possible. Nevertheless, the ship does have suitable network connections. Depending on the coverage of the mobile network (which may not always be the best, notably in France), you can use the Wi-Fi-connection to check your email or look up information in preparation of the next outing after consulting the captain.

The Westropa is almost continuously in transit through the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Cruising through the France canals is a special experience

For anyone who dreams about travelling the French canals with their own boat one day, a week’s journey on the Westropa can be a great learning experience. The French canals seem to have developed their own rules – and Janarie and Henny know them all. They have travelled each and every route, canal, lock or tunnel on the vast French canal system and can give valuable tips and travel advice.

Cycling and Cruising

For holiday cyclists the Westropa offers a unique opportunity to spend a few days with the skippers and enjoy the beautiful French channels. You can stay on board on a B & B basis, leave the luggage in care during the day while cycling the beautiful tow paths and return to enjoy the evening and overnight on board. Tip: If you do not like riding the bike every day, enjoy a break with a glass of wine and a good book sunbathing on the front deck!

Bavaria City Racing!

»With tires screeching in the lock!« As a stunt for the Bavaria factories the Westropa was specifically converted into a »sailing race car« for the Bavaria City Race in Rotterdam. A Guinness book record!

Price Information

1 person:

€ 130,- per person per day

2 persons:

€ 115,- per person per day

Boekings cost €17,50

15% discount on these prices are offered for the 3rd and 4th person.

Prices are based on full board. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, towels, bed linen and housekeeping, as well as coffee / tea during the day, are included. Own bikes free of charge on board.

Bringing your own car on board is almost always possible.

Onboard-Transport of own car: € 15,- per day

Extra costs for hoisting a private car on/from board: € 50,- per hoist turn. (Hoisting the car on board on arrival and on disembarkation is included)

Current location of the Westropa

The map below shows the Westropa’s current location. The blue line shows the distance travelled

Current location of the Westropa

The map below shows the current location of the Westropa. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.