An educational vacation for (future) yacht captains!

You have your own fun yacht and/or a boating certificate but you still feel uncertain on busy waterways, by passing through locks or you find it difficult to navigate? In this case it can be quite educational to go a few days on board with our experienced boatmen. They can give you situation-related tips: e.g. priority rules, the buoyage of waterways, the coherences of professional- and joyrides and the communication between the ship and the port. You will get answers to all of your questions.

Furthermore you should experience the enormous “dead corner” in front of the prow of a freighter. The freighter’s wheelhouse is the best place on vacation to get practical experience and moreover it will lead to a better understanding of professional and fun captains. Believe me, after having been a few days on board with our boatmen you will have a lot more knowledge than before. The practical experience you got on board will help you navigate your own yacht more safely and with lots of more fun.