Your own car on board

Some of our ships offer the possibility to take your own car on board. On the larger ships get the car on the deck located behind the wheelhouse. This is mostly for two cars. (On the Sjouwer even four!).

On the smaller spiers is usually the car on the rear deck. This is usually only room for one car. In consultation can you car on the shutters of the cargo space. He belemerd or rather the view from the wheelhouse. (Only small cars possible). Bringing your own car on board is always planned in consultation, becouse there is sometimes an extra car of a crew member on board and there is no place.

Size and weight

The size and the weight of the play a role. Most ships are suitable for a midsize car (1500 kg).


Not everywhere can simply be docked to lift the car or on the boat. Along most rivers and canals you will find special quay, s called car jetties. You can find these on: The skippers know this car jetties, which are incidentally also good places to walk or bike to embark. On the larger terminals in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam, you can not just embarking or disembarking. For this, the captain, have to (by email) log into the surveillance.


Bringing and barking of your car is always at your own risk. A strap or hook can always cause a scratch or damage to your vehicle. Check in advance with your insurance to a hoist clause, and let insure your car before.


The price for carrying and hoisting embark / disembark from your vehicle by ship different. On our ships page you can find the features and price information by ship.

Example car hoist procedure

  • Car owner: Binnenvaartcruises.
  • Location: Autosteiger Breukelen.
  • Ship: Sulomaro.

1. Crane and equator are being prepared.

2. Each rim become a strap fastened with two hooks.

3. The most exciting moment, on the way to the rear deck.

4. Here you can clearly see the attachment in the rims. This way you become used only with steel rims.

5. Preparing for a safe landing.

6. And safely parked on the after deck.

Attaching method can be different on each ship. Hooks are only applied to steel wheels. Too strong wind can not be hoisted there. With thanks to Martin,Nicole and the crew of the Sulomaro.