Terms and conditions

Article 1: General Terms and Conditions

1.1 Travel Planning:
Travelers always have to consider that the departure time and arrival time can be changed.
The departure/arrival time can change because of technical issues during the loading and unloading of the ship.
Even changes of the ship’s route have to be taken into consideration.
The weather, extreme fog/storms or ice (winter period) can lead to changes of the travel route.
The captain reserves the right to change the place of departure and the place of arrival if necessary.
The captain reserves the right to change the time of departure and arrival if necessary.
Binnenvaart Cruises.nl takes no responsibility for any traveler’s financial loss that is caused by the above-mentioned changes of the traveling plan.

1.2 You need to be in a good physical condition in order to move independently on board.
Traveling on an inland navigation ship is not suitable for persons who suffer from physical impairment and who need to use crutches or a wheelchair.
If you have any doubts about starting on this journey you should consult your doctor.
If you have any physical or psychological impairments, which can put you in jeopardy during your stay on board, you need inform Binnenvaart Cruises as well as the captain in charge clearly beforehand.
If you have any health impairments which require medical care you need to consult your doctor beforehand and ask for a medical certificate. On board this certificate has to be given immediately to the captain in charge.
You also need to take into consideration that there will not be any medical care on board.

1.3 In case of a calamity you always need to follow the captain’s and/or the crew’s orders.

1.4 During your stay on board you always need to be able to legitimate yourself with a valid passport.
That is because custom officers/water guards/port authorities can come on board any time to exercise control on the load and persons.

1.5 You need to take care of a suitable travel and accident insurance.

1.6 You need to take care of a travel cancellation insurance.

1.7 You are allowed to take your bicycle on board for free on every ship (max. 1 bicycle with baggage per traveler).
On some of the ships it is even possible to take your car on board upon consultation and against payment of a fee. Binnenvaart Cruises is not responsible for any resulting damage of your car or bicycle during the transport and/or during the loading/unloading.

1.8  No rights can be derived from the folders, pictures and photos which were published by Binnenvaart Cruises on the internet or anywhere else. Every ship has its own specific characteristics and can therefore differ from the others.

1.9. The maximum amount of persons per accommodation is different on every ship. Most ships can accommodate one to three persons.

1.10 It is your own responsibility to be on time for boarding.
If you do not board on time the ship will depart without you.
The transport of goods always takes priority.

1.11 If you take medicine that affect your health you need to inform the captain before the departure so that in case of an emergency the captain can inform the aid worker if necessary.

1.12 By accepting the General Terms and Conditions you also accept the rules on board of the ship you chose. The captain will inform you about the rules when you go on board.

1.13 Binnenvaartcruises does not sell package trips, therefore we do not have a guarantee regulation.

Article 2: Reservation

2.1  After we received your request via e-mail or phone we will process it.
Together with the traveler and the captain we will plan your trip and draw up a contract subsequently with the following contents;
- The embarkation/disembarkation location (harbor), the dock number, the travel route
- Information about the ship/crew
- Trip length
- Specification of costs.

After you have agreed to the offered contract you will receive the confirmation and the invoice. By agreeing to the booking you also agreed with this General Terms and Conditions.

2.2  After having received our temporary confirmation and the detailed invoice you need to pay a deposit of 25% of the total amount within seven working days. The total amount has to be paid within 24 hours before the departure.

2.3  As soon as we received the deposit you will receive a definite confirmation of the trip, detailed information about the ship, the traveling plan including route and the contact information of the captain in charge.

2.4 In case of a so called last-minute booking (within 48 hours before departure) you need to pay the total amount directly. You will receive your travel documents via e-mail.
In consultation with us it is also possible to pay the total amount in cash on board.

2.5 The currency of the published prices is Euro. All prices are inclusive 21% tax but exclusive €15, - reservation costs per booking.

Article 3: Other Terms of Payment

3.1  Reservation Costs:

The costs for reservation are €17,50 per booking.

3.2 Terms of Payment:

Payments can be transferred to the following banking account:
IBAN: NL74 INGB 0006 3683 87 in the name of A C Mutsaars
(Do not forget to mention your booking reference).

Article 4: Cancellation Charges

4.1  Cancellation by Traveler:
If you cancel the trip, for whatever reason, you need to pay the following amounts:

  • Within 7 days before departure
    50% of the total amount.
  • Within 48 hours before departure:
    75% of the total amount
  • From the day of departure:
    100 % of the total amount

If the traveler cancels the trip relating to illness of important superior forces we will always try to postpone the trip in consultation with the captain in charge.

4.2 Cancellation by Binnenvaart Cruises:

If it is certain, within the period between the definitive confirmation of your booking and the day of departure, that the chosen ship cannot depart for whatever reason (e.g. due to technical issues/fire/bankruptcy or illness of the boatmen/an accident), Binnenvaart Cruises will immediately try to find a suitable alternative. If you do not find that alternative appropriate or in case that there is no alternative available, you will receive the total amount of the trip within 14 days on your banking account.

If it is certain, within the period between the definitive confirmation of your booking and the day of departure, that the travel route and the day of departure of the ship you chose will change, this will not be a reason for a cancellation or a refund of the total amount. The most important task of a freighter is the transport of goods and its destination. Those two determine the route.

Article 5: Cleaning

5.1 You will find your accommodation/cabin on board in a clean and good condition in line with the offer.
If that is not the case or if you have any other complaints you have to inform the captain immediately after your arrival.
The problem will be solved as soon as possible after your report and within the reasonable limits.

5.2 On the day of departure you accommodation/cabin has to be left behind clean.
The final cleaning will be done by the captain.

Article 6: Pets

Basically pets are not allowed on board unless otherwise agreed in advance with Binnenvaart Cruise and the captain in charge.

Article 7: Responsibility and Liability

7.1 Responsibility

Binnenvaart Cruises organizes ride-alongs on board of ships. They will not be on board during the trip. Binnenvaart Cruises is therefore not responsible for any incidents during the trip.

Binnenvaart Cruises is not responsible for any injuries occurred during your stay on board and/or during embarkation/disembarkation.

Binnenvaart Cruises is not responsible for the consequences of loss, damage, theft, stealing or damaging the property of the traveler during the trip.

Binnenvaart Cruises is not responsible for damaged goods for which the traveler has a claim to indemnity according to his/her travel and travel cancellation insurance.

Binnenvaart Cruises is not responsible for the consequences of uninfluencable noise/changes during the trip (e.g. technical problems/closures on the route/weather) which affect further traveling plans and/or which affect the time of arrival and the location of the ship.

Binnenvaart Cruises is not responsible for the loss, theft or any damage on goods or vehicles, such as cars, bicycles and/or other baggage that the traveler brought along.

7.2 Liability

The traveler is responsible for any cause of damage to the property of the boatmen according to inattentiveness, recklessness and/or the misuse of it.

The traveler has to follow the safety rules on board and also any further instructions of the captain and/or the crew.

Article 8: Early Ending of Vacation

In case that you have to end your vacation earlier than planned you will not receive any refund of the total amount or part of it or the reservation costs.

If you have to leave the boat according to bad behavior and on the captain’s demand you will not receive any refund of the total amount or part of it or the reservation costs either.

If you have to end your vacation earlier than planned because of medical issues or issues related to work or family you will not receive any refund of the total amount or part of it or the reservation costs either. In these cases you can conclude a travel insurance.

Article 9: Prohibition of Drugs

It is strictly forbidden to bring drugs and/or narcotics on board. Authorities may come on board anytime to exercise control. If they find out that you have drugs with you on board, you will have to leave the ship immediately and you will be reported to the police. Furthermore you have to pay all costs for the stopping of the ship.

Article 10: Prohibition of Firearms and Stabbing Weapons/Explosives

It is strictly forbidden to bring firearms and/or stabbing weapons/explosives on board. Authorities may come on board anytime to exercise control. If they find out that you have firearms and/or stabbing weapons/explosives with you on board, you will have to leave the ship immediately and you will be reported to the police. Furthermore you have to pay all costs for the stopping of the ship.

Article 11: Complaints

All information about our ships and trips are assorted very thoroughly and convey the most possible realistic view on your booked trip, the ship, the crew and the accommodation on board. However if it does not meet your expectations and you do have a complaint you should do the following:

1- First you need to report you complaint(s) as soon as possible to the boatmen during the trip. If the captain cannot find a solution to your problems and/or you cannot find a common ground together for a satisfying solution you can contact Binnenvaart Cruises. In this case Binnenvaart Cruises will try to arbitrate between the parties to find a satisfying solution during the trip. Any complaints which are not reported to Binnenvaart Cruises in line with the above-mentioned manner will not be handled.

2- In case that your complaint(s) will not be solved satisfyingly during the trip, you need the report that to Binnenvaart Cruises immediately after getting home. You need to report your complaint in written form or via e-mail within 14 days after the end of the trip. You will receive a written receipt and a reaction to your complaint(s) not later than 14 days.

Article 12: Application of the Dutch Law

By using any Service of Binnenvaart Cruises, you agree that the Dutch law, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern these Conditions of Travel and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and Binnenvaart Cruises.

Article 13 : Privacy law

To format Your booking form we will ask you the following information:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Contact details of the main Booker
  • A fixed and mobile telephone number
  • Name and cell phone number of any fellow traveler
  • A phone number from a Friend/Family at home for emergencies

You will receive a digital form secured with a unique code. Once you have booked, we share this information with the Captain of the ship on which you travel.

Your name and address, we need to format the invoice. We need your e-mail address to communicate with you and send you all the additional information and the invoice.

The captain will call you in the last days prior to boarding , location/time. To do this he needs your mobile phone number.

Your mobile number is especially important on the day you are Travelling to the ship to embark. The boarding location can change at the last minute, the captain must always be able to reach you.

The phone number of a Friend/Family at home for should ensure that if you get on board an accident after which you become and transported to a hospital or you are by circumstances not more approachable, the captain always can communicate with someone from your home environment.

Article 14: Travel guarantee scheme

Binnenvaartcruises is affiliated with the Association of “Small-scale Travel Organizations” (VvKR). VvKR stands up for the interests of small, often specialist travel organizations. Via VvKR we join forces and share our expertise, in order to achieve the greatest possible security and satisfaction for both the travel organization and the consumer. All VvKR affiliated travel organizations offer a form of travel guarantee on their package tours, so that you can get your travel money back in the event of bankruptcy.

Each travel organization presents clear travel conditions, in which you can find out for which trips the guarantee applies. Binnenvaartcruises does not sell package holidays and is therefore not affiliated with a guarantee scheme.