Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who should go on these kind of trips?

VThese kind of journeys are actually for everyone who loves adventurous and unexpected trips. You should not think too straight because this trip will be quite unexpected. He or she should love to go on trips where you experience, meet and discover. Most of our guests do not like group traveling or planned vacations with organized trips. You will not find any „entertainer“ on board. You can compare traveling on a freighter with the stay in a nice B&B instead of an „all-inclusive“ hotel.

Are these trips suitable for singles?

Yes of course. There is no problem if you want to travel alone on one of our ships. Especially if your partner is not so enthusiastic about going on board of a freighter you might consider traveling alone. We are quite sure that your partner will change his/her mind after having seen all the beautiful pictures and having listened to all of your stories. Next time he/she will certainly join you!

How many guests can go on board?

On most of the ships there is an accommodation for one to three persons. Thus in most cases you can enjoy a „private“cruise!

Is there an age limit?

Our trips are suitable for everyone between 18 and 80. Journey on freighters may not be suitable for younger children. Teenagers, who are younger than 16, need to travel under parental guidance. Elderly people need to be light on their feet. For more information you should read our travel conditions. If you have any doubts you may consider to contact your doctor.

Are these trips suitable for physically handicapped or people sitting in a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not. Freighters are not suitable for people in wheelchairs. Most of the corridors are very small and the ship’s interior is not adapted to such circumstances. Furthermore you need to manage stairs or gangways to get on board.

How long does a cruise take?

The duration of a cruise varies from a few days to one week. You can compare it with going on a „city trip“. At last you will decide how long this journey is going to take. Of course, everything is possible, even longer trips through Europe.

Which kind of clothes should I bring?

You should wear comfortable clothes when you are staying inside the ship. Actually it depends on the season and weather if you have to wear light or warm clothing on deck. Do not forget your sunglasses, even not if it is winter. Good footwear is a must on deck, but also do not forget your cozy slippers/sandals for inside because on most ships it is not likely to wear shoes in the wheelhouse and inside where you „live“.

Where can I go on board?

Our ships are most of the time on their way through the Netherlands and Germany. On the general map you can see the current location of all our ships. Basically you can go everywhere on and off board as long as it is on ship’s route. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. We will inform you about every possibility to go on board.

I keep to a special diet, I have a food allergy or I am vegetarian.

Basically you will get the same meals on board as everyone else. Upon consultation with the boatman in charge we can take some of your special wishes/necessities into account. Furthermore it is also possible to take your own food on board if this has been discussed with us before.

Do we also travel at night?

Most of the ships are traveling 14 hours per day. At night they are docking at a shore or they drop anchor. Some of the container ships or ships which have to be at a certain point of time at the loading or unloading address also need to travel at night. In this case there will be a second captain on board. Enjoy the very special atmosphere at night. We really do recommend to take place!

Can I go on board all year?

Our ships are traveling all year. Every season is different and has its own colors and atmosphere. Summers are very busy. Lots of people are doing joyrides on water so that there is much to see. You can either sunbathe or read a good book on deck. Fall is quite spooky. The wind is hauling around the ship and the wild sea foam is splashing on deck. The first wet snow is splashing on the windows of the wheelhouse. Inside you can smell fresh coffee. Winter can be also very special. The ship is crashing through the ice and everywhere around you you can see white snowy river landscapes. Silence. In spring you can see trees and plants coming to life. The flowers on the shore are slowly starting to bloom and the flora and fauna is gently waking up.

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