Veridis Quo
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General information

Together with Rens Blessing, captain and owner of the Veridis Quo, Binnenvaartcruises organize,s training /experience and one day-cruises. The training days are designed to bring your nautical knowledge and skills on a higher level,and to make the interplay between professional and recreational boating safer.

During a "Day-Cruise" you can just enjoy a vacation day on a freighter. Enjoy the landscape and nature from the water, calm reflections, but also experience how transport works on the Europeon waterways. A unique day out. Welcome aboard the Veridis Quo.

Experience / Training day seaboard a freighter

In consultation with the captain and schip,s planning you wil boarding in the morning and disembarking again in the afternoon or evening. Of course, we look at accessibility. The schip can accommodate two people on each trip , so you enjoy a intensive and personel day.

For "experienced" yacht skippers, who have many years sailed with their own ship it can be very interesting and an Eye opener to learn the different situations on the water again from the wheelhouse of a cargo ship. The sometimes huge "dead" vision ahead the bow, the correct use of a VHF radio, navigation rules , the various types of buoys, sailing into a lock , almanacs and charts. But also the preparation of a trip, and the function of the "blue sign with flashing light". All this will be discussed during the day.

The training day wil bring more understanding and interaction between professional and Yacht skippers and it bring more safety on the water. With the knowledge learned on this day, you will be a lot more confident and relaxed at the helm of your own ship, a safe start of the boating season!

We are not a sailing school, you can not earn a diploma from us, but the training day bring you a lot of experience . Afterwards you will be given a participation certificate .

The ship

The practical days are given to board a Spits. These vessels are built to the dimensions of the locks in the small French channels. The Veridis Quo was built in 1962 on the werf of the Belgian Peronnes Plaquet and sail,s usually in the Netherlands, Belgium and France with grains, pellets or steel coils cargo on board.

The characteristic wooden wheelhouse roof can be removed and the windows lowered, this only happens on some French channels to pass the lowest bridges.

  • BuildingYear: 1962
  • Length: 39 meters
  • Width: 5.06 meters
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel (GM) V8 - 230 hp
  • Load capacity: 368 ton

Price Information

Price for a day trip:

€ 80 p.p.p.d

Price for the experience/ training day:

€ 95 p.p.p.d

Booking costs €17,50

Price includes coffee / tea and a light lunch. You are responsible for your transfer and provide to the ship. You can free take your bike on board, there is (still) no onboard accommodation for guests to stay overnight. It is possible in the Netherlands, Belgium and France to cruise.

Current location of the Veridis Quo

The map below shows the current location of the Veridis Quo. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.