KVB Sjouwer
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General information

Experience the Rhine aboard one of the modern cargo"giants" !

  • BuildingYear: 2009
  • Length: 190 meters
  • Width: 11:45 meter
  • Draught: 3:58 meters
  • Ship Type: Couple Relationship
  • Engine: 2x Mitsubishi V16 1700 hp bow thruster Scania V8

The vessel consists of two parts. The front section can be detached and independent maneuver. The cargo consists mostly of coal materials and containers. Sailing aria: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Gent, Antwerp, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt. All major rivers of Germany, Rhine and Mainz.

Captain and crew

The captain / owner of the ship's Folkert Jan Semplonius. The crew consists of 4 or 5 man Dutch and Filipino.

Folkert Jan Semplonius and his wife Riny began their career in the Inland schiping as a captain on the Kaluitja 2 and later Erna Marina. In 1993 they bought their first own ship Semmy (80x8.20 meters). In 1998 they switched to a larger ship (110x10 meters) which they sold again in 2006. After a year having lived on the shore they bought in 2007 along with a companion the Kvb Kruier (171x11.45 meters). A year later they decided to build a new ship Kvb Sjouwer (190X11.45 meters), which came into service in 2009.

In 2010 the partner stepped out of the compagny and since then Folkert Jan and Riny are the owners of shipping compagny Semmy . Kvb Sjouwer and Kvb Porter travel all year on the major waterways of Europe. Folkert Jan has regularly trainy,s on board to train the future generation of skippers and crew in inland navigation. On 5 November 2014 shipping Semmy went in cooperation with binnenvaartcruises and the ship is also open for guests. Folkert Jan is now also host and ambassador for inland navigation passengers. Welcome aboard the Kvb Sjouwer.


On board there is rooms for four guests. The Sjouwer has four guest cabins, two with a double bed and one with a single bed. All cabins have a large window with views and underfloor heating. Shared bathroom for guests. Spacious living / sitting room with air conditioning and TVs for guests and crew. In consultation WiFi onboard.

The wheelhouse is the heart of the ship, the wheelhouse is liftable and can be lifted up to 10 meters when containers are loaded. In the wheelhouse you will find a comfortable seating area from where you have 360 ��degree views arround,and you can lookover the shoulder of the captains work. It is possible to take your car on board. The costs to embark / disembark of your car is 50 euros. (The hoisting of your car is at your own risk, you should discuss this with your insurance.

Price Information

1 person:

€ 137,50 p.n. 2024 €165,00

2 persons

€ 231,- p.n. 2024 €277,00

Booking kost: €17,50

The prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner is a normal meal). Towels, bedlinnen and final cleaning are also included. Coffee and tea are available for free during the day.

Normally you wil boarding during the loading or unloading from the the ship If the schip must dock specially to take you on board this wil be calculated . This amounts 150 euros per group or person if the ship must dock twice specially for you.

Current location of the KVB Sjouwer

The map below shows the current location of the KVB Sjouwer. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.