Cigno Minore
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General information

Name of ship: Cigno Minore

Vessel type: Motor cargo ship

Length: 105 meters

Width: 9.5 meters

Year of construction: 2002/2007

Draft: 3.12 meters

Engine: 1278 hp Mitsubischi

Welcome aboard the cargo ship “Cigno Minore”:

Cigno Minore means little swan. For generations, the ships in the family have been called Zwaantje. After we had sold our Passenger Ship and continued in freight transport, we redesigned the name and gave it an Italian twist:” Cigno Minore”. With our Cargo Ship we sail in the free market everywhere in Europe but mainly in Germany. You can find us on the Rhine, Moselle, Neckar and Main, but also on the smaller canals such as the Mittelland canal and Dortmund-eems canal. We often only know a few days in advance where a new journey is going, very adventurous.

Traveling with Hilfred and Marlies:

Welcome aboard on board by Hilfred and Marlies. We have been transporting freight with our cargo ship since 2015, for which we have run a passenger ship for 11 years. With our current ship we will be transporting cargo over many European inland waterways, not only our sailing area is very diverse, but also our cargo. We transport grains and animal feed, but also minerals, scrap iron, windmill parts, asphalt and sheet piling.

On board also live / work: our 2 children, Olaf and Esmee, who will not always be on board during the week because they (almost) go to kost- school. Furthermore, a Filipino sailor works on board who drinks coffee with us in the wheelhouse every morning.

The sailing area:

Our sailing area is very large. Because of our dimensions and height (or rather we have a very low crawl line of 4 meters at a depth of 2.50 meters), we can navigate the smaller German canals. We regularly make very nice journeys from, for example, the Netherlands to the Moselle and from the Moselle back to the Mittelland canal and then return to the northern Netherlands via the Dortmund-Eems canal.

Your accommodation:

On board you have your own cabin. The cabin offers you a double bed, a private bathroom, a kitchenette with a fridge, coffee maker and kettle. And there are 2 chairs available. The cabin can be reached via your own entrance and is located under the wheelhouse on the stern.


On board you can use the WiFi network.

Price information:

Price per person per night (1 person) €150,25

Price per night (2 people) € 253,00

Booking cost: €17,50

Prices include VAT, breakfast, lunch and dinner, towels, bed linen and final cleaning are included. Coffee and tea included.

Alcoholic drinks (beer / wine) and lemonade are available on board for a fee.

For taking your car on board we charge € 50.00 (max. 1600 kg) on ​​the channels we can only take cars with a limited height.

Current location of the Cigno Minore

The map below shows the current location of the Cigno Minore. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.