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Get on board alone or together with your partner to enjoy some old-fashioned ship romance for a few days and just leave the stress of your everyday life behind! Discover how fascinatingly and surprisingly different the Netherlands can look like from the water while countrysides and cities are slowly passing by. Traveling on a freighter is a unique way to discover the most beautiful rivers and cities of Europe. Experience the daily rhythm on a modern freighter and get to know our boatmen and his partners, who are often also the owner of a ship and who also function as the captain or host.

Adventure, relaxation, traveling, meeting people and experiencing and coming home with lots of memories of this gorgeous journey. Traveling on a freighter means that you have to let go completely to get rid of all your everyday routines. Get on board, cast off and let yourself be surprised!

Look over the captain’s shoulder while he is piloting the ship out of the harbor of Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Experience closely passing through big locks on the Rhine, Moselle or Maas from the wheelhouse. Experience every step at first hand: piloting the ship, the communication between ships themselves and the port operations. During the loading and unloading in a strange town you will get the chance to get to know it better.

On board you will get your own cabin, which is often furnished with a shower, a wash basin and a toilet. On some ships cabins are also furnished with a personal kitchen unit. On all ships it is possible to take your bike with you for free. Some ships offer the possibility to even take your own car with you. On board you will get full pension.

Binnenvaartcruises is specializing in traveling vacations on freighters and tugboats on inland waterways.