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General information

  • Scheepsname: Tiamo
  • Scheepstype: Motorvrachtschip
  • · Length: 86
  • · width: 9.51
  • · Bouwjaar: 1973
  • · Dept: 3.27
  • · Engine: 1380 pk Catepillar

Welcome aboard the Tiamo

A ship's name of love, Tiamo literally means in Italian "I love you" . The Tiamo is therefore lovingly sailed and maintained by Piet and Miranda van Meel. The ship was originally 105 meters long when they bought him, and was then sailed with crew. Several years ago, Peter and Miranda decided to let shorten the ship to 86 meters so they are allowed to sail the ship without crew. Since then the cabin in the bow was that was originally intended for crew empty and was soon appointed as a studio. Since 2016, this cabin will be for guests. For you !

Peter and Miranda and welcome you aboard their "love boat" Tiamo.
Even our grandparents from both sides were skippers family . Piet and Miranda meet each other at the age of 16 withe there parents on the ship . Then it took 5 years learning before we could buy a ship for ourselves , and that's been 24 years back now. We get married by 21 and 22 and buy our first Ship . Tiamo is our 4th ship and we have a lot of experience with it and now we are sailing for a German company.

The sailing area:

The Tiamo is mostly sailing the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Neckar and Donau area . Traveling through Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, sometimes even further. Always on the move through beautiful landscapes and at night we drop the anchor between the mountains in the countryside, or near a town, village or for a lock. Every trip a new cargo with a new destination.
The ship is only occasionally in the Netherlands, you can travel by train, bicycle or car to us and get on board. Your car or bike, we just take on board. How special is that!

Your accommodation

In the bow, guests have their own small and cozy home. A spacious living room with sofa and television and a kitchen. A private shower / toilet and a separate bedroom . You can sleep in a Double bed . Through the large windows is enough natural light. You will quickly feel at home. The special feature of this floating house is, every night is your home at another spot. The guest-house has air conditioning.

Painting, photogenic, creative and unhurried travel
The Tiamo sails always enchanting landscapes. The decor around the ship , mountains, villages, castles, often trapped in a magical sunlight you can caught in your sketchbook. Everyone who like,s painting, drawing, is therefore welcome aboard.
But also when you love photography landscape, s, mountains and Castles, this is the ship to travel with.

Piet and Miranda running the ship without crew, which gives a wonderfully peaceful and relaxed atmosphere on board. There is always a lovely spot on the huge front deck, in sun or shadow, where you can enjoy the landscape, or read a book . You can also roll out your yoga mat, relaxation time for yourself are the keywords of a trip on board Tiamo!

Holiday cyclists
it is possible to travel a few days wit us special for holiday cyclists (with a flexible attitude). Just how our journey is, we can bring you to the south, Germany, or back. Our current travel and position can be found on the map below

Sail Training practice

have your own fun yacht and/or a boating certificate but you still feel uncertain on busy waterways, by passing through locks or you find it difficult to navigate? In this case it can be quite educational to go a few days on board with Piet and Miranda. They can give you situation-related tips: e.g. priority rules, the buoy age of waterways, the coherence of professional- and joyrides and the communication between the ship and the port. You will get answers to all of your questions.
Furthermore, you should experience the enormous “dead corner” in front of the prow of a freighter. The Tiamo,s wheelhouse is the best place on vacation to get practical experience and moreover it will lead to a better understanding of professional and fun captains. Believe me, after having been a few days on board with our boatmen you will have a lot more knowledge than before. The practical experience you got on board will help you navigate your own yacht more safely and with lots of more fun.

The Tiamo is not connected to a fiber optic cable to the shore, but you can always use the WiFi connection to answer your e-mail or searching for your journey information.
Good nights:
Unlike many other cargo ships, the Tiamo stops at night. This has the advantage that there is often still a possibility the get on the shore , and you enjoy a wonderfully peaceful night.

The cruise ship for ladies!
The Tiamo travels without a deck crew, that means a quiet and relaxed atmosphere on board. You will feel like a special guest with Piet and Miranda. Also, as a woman alone, you are welcome to join us on board, just a few days great for your self, reflection, the mobil phone out !. (Of course, men are also welcome).

Travel info for who and for how long?
Travel With Tiamo are perfect for anyone travels alone, ladies and gentlemen. But also for couples, two friends. .
Guests are 3 to 5 days sail in consultation up to a week.
We warn you already, saying goodbye to the ship and its owners is difficult. You'll think often back to the special time on board, Tiamo, I love you!.

Price information:

Price p.p.p.n by one person:

Price per Night: €115,- p.p.p.n ( ab Januar 2021 €130,- p.p.p.n)

Price p.p.p.n at 2 persons:

Price per Night: €215,- ( 2 persons ) ( Ab januar 2021 €230,- 2 personen/nacht )

Final Cleaning: €25,-

Booking costs €17,50

Prices include VAT.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, towels, bed linen and are included.
Alcoholic beverages (beer / wine) and lemonade are a fee to get on board.
For taking your car on board we charge: € 50, - This is inclusive hoisting aboard. Towing is for your own risk, ask your insurance company . For details, see our "car on board" info.

Current location of the Tiamo

The map below shows the current location of the Tiamo. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.