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General information

  • Building Year: 2002
  • Length: 110 meters
  • Width: 11:45 meter
  • Ship Type: dry cargo
  • Draft: 3,37
  • Mitsubishi V16 engine 1x 1700pk
  • Bow thruster: Veth 560pk

The vessel has two radars various cameras and modern navigation equipment. Steering does obviously not longer happens with a steering wheel but with a "gear stick". The ship can load 2903 tons of cargo consists mostly of containers, steel coils, corn, grain but there has already been a complete train in the cargo hold.

Welcome aboard with Martin and Nicole

The Sulomaro is owned by Martin and Nicole. They both have experience in passenger and cargo transport. Martin come,s from a real “sailing familie”. the first generations started on a sailing freighter. From an early school leaving, he has earned several professional diplomas and ownership papers to sail cargo schips. Nicole also own,s the necessary documents / license and Rhine patent to be Captain.

The Sulomaro has already sailed a large part of Europe, including the Netherlands / Belgium as well as the Rhine / Mosel and even the Main and Donau to Bulgaria are not unknown. As crew there are always two deck hands aboard which one is in training, they have their own home in the bow section. They take care of the deckhandling. Then there are three very special "crew" members who wil watch over you . Beau, Tirza and Sam, the ships dogs.


The ship is sailing cargo on all major rivers in Europe. Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary, Germany and beyond. The Rhine and the Mosel, but also long travels far down the Donau are a possibility.

On these trips the ship usually 18 hours a day and will be around 23 hours pm dock on the quay or anchor.


The Sulomaro has a very nicely finished guest cabin with double bed and washbasin. The cabin has a large window with views to starboard. In the hallway you will find a separate toilet and a bathroom, which is shared. There is a 2nd guestcabin available.

The spacious Wheelhouse is the heart of the ship. Next to the steering console there is a large comfortable U-shaped seating with table where from you can follow everything. On starboard is another large bank. Big windows that offer 360 degree views, equipped with automatic blinds. In the wheelhouse there is a small kitchenette for coffee and tea and a fridge.

In good weather you can also relax on the chairs on the deck behind the wheelhouse to enjoy the sun and the view.


The Sulomaro is not connected to a fiber optic cable to the shore, but you can always use the WiFi connection to answer your E-mail.

Special details

The Sulomaro can transport all kinds of special cargo, they take even a complete train on board! . To "level" the schip in the water she has several ballast tanks. In the bow, under the side decks and the cargo hold and two at the stern. The ballast tanks are also used to reduce the vertical clearance and to be able to pass under low bridges.

If there is high load on board (for example, containers can be loaded four up) . The wheelhouse t can be raised 10 metre,s . The already beautiful view around become,s then phenomenal. To sail under extremely low bridges the roof of the wheelhouse can be lowered to the windowsills, the kaptain then puts his head through a special hatch in the roof.

On board you wil be the only guest, and therefore diner each evening at the "Captains table" !!

The sulomaro is a modern ship, well finished, very quiet and vibration-free.

Car on board

It is possible in order to take your own car on board. There is usually space for an extra car, but always in consultation. It is not always possible. Bicycles are always free to take on board


Price for one person:

€95,- per person per day/night Maximaal 3 nights

price for two persons:

€ 85,- per person per day/night Maximaal 3 nights

Booking costs €17,50

Price for taking your car on board:

€ 50,- incl. Hoisting embark / disembark.

(always consult because of space on deck / hoist their own risk, ask your insurance hoist clause).

1 day training: € 70

The prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Dinner menu of the day, enjoy the view of a "Dinner Cruise"!). Towels, bed linen and final cleaning are included in the price. Coffee, tea and spa water are free available.

Current location of the Sulomaro

The map below shows the current location of the Sulomaro. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.