Ms Gerardus
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on a trip in holland and belgium

Welcome aboard the Gerardus.

The Gerardus is a lovingly maintained ship. It is almost unbelievable that the ship has been in service since 1963. The beautiful blue-white hull and superstructure excels looks brand new. The ship has been modernized over the time and has the most modern navigation equipment.

From September 2018 the gangway will go out for guests who want to enjoy a more than special trip.

Your hosts and captains on board.

Welcome aboard with Gerald (the captain) Paul (sailor) and Bobby the ship dog.

Gerald is an very experienced captain who has been in the business for almost 40 years. Since 2005 accompanied by his partner Paul. Together we sail throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and sailing has become a "way of life", and the ship means everything for us. We would like to share our passion for inland navigation with guests by offering them a glimpse into the skippers existence.

Your accommodation on board:

The small but cozy guest cabin is located in the house on the port side on the stern.

In your cabin you will find a comfortable bed with a cupboard and a table. The hut has a large window with an every day -changing view, one morning you will be awake in the middle of a busy harbor, maybe the next morning in the middle of nature.

In the hallway in front of your cabin you will find the bathroom and toilet, which you share with the skippers. The hallway also gives access to the house and the wheelhouse. In the large wheelhouse there is a comfortable seating area with a second television. If you want to be on yourself in the evening when the ship is stationary, you will find a lovely spot here.

Enjoy and experience the journey from the large comfortable wheelhouse.

De Gerardus has a large comfortable wheelhouse with windows around it. From here you can oversee the entire ship and its surroundings. The steering console is located in the middle of the wheelhouse. Also with worse weather in autumn or even winter you can enjoy the trip and the view from here.

In good weather there are several spots around the wheelhouse and on the aft deck to sit outside in the sun or shade. Bobby is happy to show you the way.

The sailing area:

De Gerardus sails throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Everywhere the freight takes us. Every journey, destination and cargo is new and unique.

In the morning the lines go loose and we go on a journey. In the evening we stop at a kay so that you have time to explore the area or stretch the legs together, alone ore with Bobby. At night the engine stops so you are assured of a wonderful and quit night's sleep.

Sailing / awareness training.

have your own fun yacht and/or a boating certificate but you still feel uncertain on busy waterways, by passing through locks or you find it difficult to navigate? In this case it can be quite educational to go a few days on board with Gerald and . They can give you situation-related tips: e.g. priority rules, the buoy age of waterways, the coherence of professional- and joyrides and the communication between the ship and the port. You will get answers to all of your questions.
Furthermore, you should experience the enormous “dead corner” in front of the prow of a freighter. The Tiamo,s wheelhouse is the best place on vacation to get practical experience and moreover it will lead to a better understanding of professional and fun captains. Believe me, after having been a few days on board with our boatmen you will have a lot more knowledge than before. The practical experience you got on board will help you navigate your own yacht more safely and with lots of more fun.

But also for anyone who does not own a boat but has always wanted to sail with a cargo ship from the wheelhouse, this is a unique opportunity.

Holiday cyclists:

Holiday cyclists who plan to cycle through Dutch or Belgium for a week are of course welcome to sail a few days with us. Just how our trip is, you can sail for a few days and cycle back again

Price information:

There is space for 1 guest on board. Generally, guests can take 3 to 5 nights.

Price per night € 105, - based on full board. You wil dinner together with us.

Booking costs €17,50

Prices are always inclusive of VAT. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, towels, bed linen and final cleaning are included. Coffee / tea in between incl .:

For taking your car on board we charge € 50, - (max 1800 kg This includes hoisting and aboard.) Towing your own risk, ask your insurance company for a hoist clause For information see "Car on board" info.

Bicycles are allowed on board free of charge.

Current location of the Ms Gerardus

The map below shows the current location of the Ms Gerardus. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.