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a beautiful cargo-cruise in europa

General information.

  • Vessel Name: Cygnus
  • Ship Type: Motor freighter
  • Length: 110
  • withe11,45
  • Year: 2007
  • Depth: 3:42
  • Engine: 1600 hp Mitsubishi

A cargo cruise through Europe for adventurers and travelers

Cygnus, a ship's name written in the stars.

A special ship's name, means Cygnus in a constellation which is at the Northern sky, But to you, of course, not necessary to make a space trip for boarding the Cygnus. This can be a lot more romantic and cozy. Relax on a journey across the most beautiful rivers in Germany, Belgium, Austria and beyond. Cruising the most beautiful parts of nature and through the mountains, interspersed with villages and cities of Europe.
Traveling with Judith and Rinus:
Welcome aboard with Judith and Rinus. We built the Cygnus in 2007. The first years we always sail with containers . We have doors placed on the cargo deck and then continue as a dry cargo vessel. Since September 2012 we really sail together. Before that, Judith lived on the shore with our girls Renee and Daphne and Rinus came regularly to the house or I went with the girls to the ship. From summer 2016, the gangway is open for guests
In a cycle of two weeks on two weeks off and there is always deck crew on board. .

Lady and Lana
Our two ship dogs are always happy when guest,s visit the Cygnus. This pair show you around and makes sure that you are never bored!

The sailing area

Our sailing area is very diverse. We always say to each other that we have seen all possible ends of Europe every year. And so far that works nice. But our favorite sailing area is the Main / Donau and then we find Budapest far enough. Along the way we always enjoy all the beauty the rivers has to offer. Birds, wildlife, Mountains and of course the trees and flowers. In the evening we like to walk around with the dogs Lady and Lana

We also want to offer you the opportunity to make a day trip by bike or car and enjoy the surroundings and get back on board in the afternoon somewhere further. Of course you never leave the ship without a lunch packed.

Your accommodation

On board, guests have at their own guest- cabin with a double bed. The bed consists of two separate mattresses / comforters so it fits to accommodate two friends. The guest cabin has its own closet space and even a desk and a window (with heavenly view). You have access to a private bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. In the corridor opposite the guest cabin is a sitting room with two chairs and a table. Here you can watch TV or read a book. You can also find a fridge, and Senseo machine. And a window so you don't miss any part of the travel .

Traveling by Cygnus

The Cygnus is all year around sailing .in consultation you to travel with your cart o the ship . Along the transfer to the ship we keep in touch with you and "pilots" aboard. In a village, quay or lock we can take on board with your car or bicycle
If you travel by train to us than you travel to a bigger place, with station on our route. We stay in touch and you can step right from the quay with your backpack or suitcase on board with. For holiday cyclists is just as easy.
Even the travel toy the ship and boarding are part of the adventure

Holiday cyclists are welcome to cruise a few days (with a flexible attitude). Just how our journey is, we can bring you and your bike to the south, Germany, or back. Our current travel and position can be found on the map below

Sail Training practice / training
You have your own fun yacht and/or a boating certificate but you still feel uncertain on busy waterways, by passing through locks or you find it difficult to navigate? In this case it can be quite educational to go a few days on board with Rinus and Judith. They can give you situation-related tips: e.g. priority rules, the buoy age of waterways, the coherence of professional- and joyrides and the communication between the ship and the port. You will get answers to all of your questions.

Furthermore, you should experience the enormous “dead corner” in front of the prow of a freighter. The Cygnus wheelhouse is the best place on vacation to get practical experience and moreover it will lead to a better understanding of professional and fun captains. Believe me, after having been a few days on board you will have a lot more knowledge than before. The practical experience you got on board will help you navigate your own yacht more safely and with lots of more fun.

The Cygnus is a real "starship" connection to the internet runs through a satellite high in the sky and not through a fiber optic cable. You can use the wifi connection to answer your e-mail or searching for your onward journey information. But not to download movies.
Travel and enjoy:
On board there is a quiet and relaxing atmosphere .also if you are traveling alone , as a couple,or with a friend, you are 100% our guest aboard. Enjoying a glass of wine or a book on the deck.
On deck you wil always find a lovely place o sit and relax, in the shadow or in the sun.

Price information

Price per person per night on board; € 99, - p.p.p.n

Booking costs €17,50

Maximum 5 nights

Prices include VAT. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, towels, bed linen and final cleaning are included. Coffee / tea in between include:
Alcoholic beverages (beer / wine) and lemonade you can buy on board.

For taking your car's on-board we charge € 50, - (max. 1500 kg / no higher than 155 cm) This includes lifting and aboard. Towing at its own risk, ask your insurance company. For details, see "car on board" info.
Bicycles may be taken on board free of charge.

Current location of the Cygnus

The map below shows the current location of the Cygnus. The blue line shows today’s and yesterday’s already covered distance of the ship.